I build elegant, uncluttered websites designed to show off your work.
I began by building portfolio websites for photographers but as Layer has developed over the years my style has become more widely known and I have built sites for Artists, Art Directors, Illustrators, Architects, Make-up Artists, Stylists, Jewellers, Sign Companies and many others.

My aims when designing a website are to achieve:

Fine aesthetics – Clean, flowing designs with no distractions from the content. The design should almost disappear, allowing the visitor to relax and enjoy the content of the site.

Intuitive navigation – One of the most annoying things that can happen when visiting a website is when you have to stop and work out how to move to another page or see thumbnails.  My aim is to make the whole experience enjoyable and stress free for the visitor, leaving them to enjoy looking at your work with no pesky distractions.

Fast loading – Even a well designed website is useless if the content takes an age to load, so wherever possible images and other content are loaded quickly and without fuss. If loading an element is likely to take a little time a progress report is shown to inform the viewer what is happening.

Accessible – All my websites are tested  widely to ensure they work on all major browsers on Macs and PCs and often on mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones. If they do not work on mobile devices (e.g. if it is a Flash site) I can build a mobile version of the site which is automatically loaded.


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