My name is Andy Eaves and I am a professional photographer and web designer.  I started building websites sometime around 1998 when the internet as we know it was in its infancy and very few photographers had a website.  I bought a book called ‘How to build a website in a weekend’ and sure enough, 2 or 3 months later I had my first website.  It was pretty poor in all honesty but I persevered and after a while I got the hang of it!  After that I built a site for a few friends and then some other photographers and I began to build a name for myself.

In the end I decided to actually create a name for myself, and so Layer was born.  I now employ various specialists on an ‘as required’ basis but I still direct, oversee and usually design every project.

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• New website!
We have finally got around to rebuilding our website, a job which was long overdue. It is always...
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